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Bespoke Software Solutions for Major Aftermarket Players

It seems electronic cataloguing is definitely the way forward, but where do you turn when you have more than one system all claiming to give you the same results? How can you make the choice and how do you know that the data you supply to these systems will be right once it's uploaded?

Now more than ever, Motor Factors are demanding correct information at the touch of a button but with so many electronic cataloguing systems out there - how can YOU be certain the one your customer is using is displaying your information correctly?

To overcome this problem, iola have developed bespoke database systems for large aftermarket suppliers, ensuring motor factors have their latest data on a daily basis.

Most systems in the marketplace today are updated on a monthly basis. This means that any new to range parts aren't immediately available until the update has been made. With a database system from iola the customer updates the data 'live' so any changes and new to range parts are seen immediately by the motor factor. This is crucial especially for those high demand parts where mechanics are demanding a more cost effective replacement that the OE. iola work closely with customers to ensure the systems do exactly as they need, including the VRM function for even simpler identification.

Current systems in place at large automotive companies currently hold over 500,000 different vehicle applications, with over 25,000 part numbers, some 200,000 cross references and over 13,000 user downloads. Each system allows the user to search for the required part via application, cross reference look up and can view all the technical data and query the buyer's guides. New technological developments now mean the user can run the application on their desktop, regardless of whether they run Windows, Mac or a Linux computer operating system.

One user of a system currently in place is Whoopee Motor Factors. Ginnette comments: "We have used the system developed by iola [on behalf of a large aftermarket supplier] and are really impressed by it's reliability and the accuracy of the part identification. Other, more general systems we've tried in the past just don't provide us with the data as quickly or accurately. What we particularly like is the fact that as the part information is updated within the head office the system updates automatically so we are never waiting for valuable data."

Andy Walker, Managing Director at iola adds: "Having a system dedicated to your own parts database proves invaluable when providing accurate data to the motor factor. It's not only designed to assist the motor factor, it's also been designed as a product management tool as well as a tool that can produce the hard copy old style catalogue. One of the current systems we have in place has received over 13,000 downloads proving that it works for all users."

All in all, iola can develop an all encompassing system to help you manage your product portfolio and help your motor factor customers find your parts quickly and accurately - saving them - and you - valuable time and money.

If you would like to more information on how iola can help improve your companies systems, please call: +447973 871291 or visit:

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