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IOLA launches new website

Leading software developer iola has just launched a brand new website which aims to show companies the advantages of bespoke software without the technical jargon. iola helps businesses solve problems and enhance their operations by devising practical software solutions which integrate with their existing systems and help them function better.

Whether it's the simple automation of a repetitive task in Microsoft office, the creation of a product catalogue or the implementation of an interactive web service, Andy Walker director of iola thinks companies will be surprised how much a piece of bespoke software could help their business.

He says: "Often companies see a problem and feel they have to change their hardware or systems where elements are not working well together. Or worse, they consider changing the way they run their business to fit existing software.

We don't believe any business should have to do this - software should do what you want it to do not the other way around. As software designers and developers we can often assess the problem and find a solution working with what they already have. There is a misconception that bespoke software will be expensive, yet when you consider the alternatives, it can often work out to be the most cost effective solution."

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